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Episode Guide for Season 1

Season I
2000- 2001

Dylan Hunt                             Kevin Sorbo
Beka Valentine                               Lisa Ryder
Tyr Anasazi                        Keith Hamilton Cobb
Rev Bem                                  Brent Stait
Trance Gemini                        Laura Bertram
Seamus Harper                              Gordon Michael Woolvett
Andromeda                                   Lexa Doig

"Under the Night " - Episode #101

Captain Dylan Hunt and his ship the Andromeda Ascendant are rescued by the Eureka Maru, an opportunistic salvage ship, after being trapped in the event horizon of a black hole for 300 years.   Gaheris Rhade:  Steve Bacic, Gunnery Sergeant:  Gavin Rohr, Thompson: Emy Aneke, Refractions of Dawn:  Elizabeth Thai, Courier Pilot: M. Yvonne Myers, Stam:  Johnny Mah, Gerentex:  John Tench.

" An Affirming Flame " - Episode #102

Dylan and the crew of the Eureka Maru agree to join forces and become one team aboard the Andromeda Ascendant as they set forth on his mission to restore the Systems Commonwealth.  Gerentex:  John Tench, Varastaya:  Lori Stewart, Brexos:  Shawn Stewart, Glaston: Daryl Quon.

" To Loose the Fateful Lightning " - Episode #103

Dylan (Kevin Sorbo) inadvertently gives a group of child warriors power to destroy a solar system. Hayek: Chris Lovick, Nassan:  Amber Rothwell, Mapes:  Richard Deklerk.

" D Minus Zero " - Episode #104

Beka (Lisa Ryder) and Tyr (Keith Hamilton Cobb) square off against Dylan (Kevin
Sorbo) for leadership of Andromeda during a dangerous face-off with an unknown

" Double Helix " - Episode #105

Captain Dylan Hunt (Kevin Sorbo) must save the Andromeda from the Nietzcheans, who are trying to persuade Tyr (Keith Hamilton Cobb) to help them destroy the ship and rebuild his Nietzchean life. His new life would include a wife to carry on his lineage. Guderian:  Paul Johansson, Dimitri: Stuart Oconnell, Gaheris Rhade: Steve Bacic, Freya:  Dylan Bierk, Olma: Marion Elfman

" Angel Dark, Demon Bright " - Episode #106

Dylan (Kevin Sorbo) is faced with a difficult decision when Andromeda slipstreams back in time -- days before the climactic battle of the Nietzschean Revolution where the Commonwealth was defeated and the Nietzschean Alliance was destroyed. Borotep Yshgar:  Jo Bates.

" The Ties That Blind " - Episode #107

Beka's (Lisa Ryder) con-artist brother unexpectedly shows up claiming to be a devout Wayist making the Andromeda a prime target for Restorian attack. Vikram Singh Khalsa: Brain George, Rafe Valentine: Cameron Daddo, Danyluk: Charles Payne, Restorian:  Marco Soriano.

" The Banks of the Lethe " - Episode #108

Finally, after 300 years and a black hole keeping them apart, Captain Dylan Hunt (Kevin Sorbo) reunites with his true love, Sara (Sam Sorbo). Sara: Sam Sorbo, Perseid 1:  Rik Kiviaho, Hohne: Alex Diakun, Captain Khalid:  Eli Gabay, Marquez:  Leanne Adacht, Twilight:  Elizabeth Thai.

" A Rose in the Ashes " - Episode #109

With their communication with the crew of the Eureka Maru completely cut off, Dylan (Kevin Sorbo) and Rommie (Lexa Doig) are forced into exile on a prison planet and must befriend fellow inmates to attempt any escape. Jessa: Kimberley Warnat, Kae-Lee: Claudette Mink, XAX:  Ron Robinson, Warden:  Bill Croft, Councilor Min:  John Juiliani, Secretary:  Janyse Jaud.

" All Great Neptune's Ocean " - Episode #110

Tyr (Keith Hamilton Cobb) and Rommie (Lexa Doig) are framed for the assassination of the Castalian president (Allan Morgan). Colonel Yau: Mikela J. Mikael, Chancellor Chandos:  Malcolm Stewart, President Lee:  Allan Morgan.

" The Pearls That Were His Eyes " - Episode #111

Beka Valentine (Lisa Ryder) receives a distress call from her beloved Uncle Sid (John de Lancie), but to her disdain realizes that he has become Sam Profit, a big business tycoon.  Mick:  Ty Olson, Grask:  Peter Kelamis, Uncle Sid:  John De Lancie, Willie:  Ken Kerzinger.

" The Mathematics of Tears " - Episode #112

Andromeda (Lexa Doig) encounters her damaged sister ship, the Pax Magellanic, that leads the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant on an eerie mission. Jill Pearce:  Monika Schnarre, Dutch: Nathaniel Deveaux, Captain Warrick:  Douglas O'Keefe, Ensign: Thomas Milburn Jr., Magellanic Avatar:  Lee Erdman.

" Music of a Distant Drum " - Episode #113

A crash landing on a strange planet leaves Tyr (Keith Hamilton Cobb) with a complete loss of memory and a mystery crate to protect from not-so-brotherly Nietzcheans.  Yvaine:  Linnnea Sharples, Breyon:  Noel Fisher, Hanno:  Alex Zahara, Arjun:  Nels Lennarson.

" Harper 2.0" - Episode #114  

Harper (Gordon Michael Woolvett) finds himself overloaded with information when a dying Perseid (Mike Desabrais) transfers data into his brain. Jeger:  Ralf Moeller, Perseid:  Mike Desabrais.

" Forced Perspective" - Episode #115

Dylan (Kevin Sorbo) is taken captive and forced to admit that he killed the Mobius leader and overthrew the Mobius government more than 300 years ago.  Lawyer:  Kim Hawthorne, Rhade: Steve Bacic, Venetri:  Mackenzie Gray, Admiral Constanza Stark:  Chapelle Jaffe, Ferrin:  Alex Green.

" The Sum Of Its Parts " - Episode #116

A humanoid robot (Matt Smith) visits the Andromeda crew, helps them fight off a culture of organized machines and learns what it means to be a living being.  HG:  Matt Smith, VX:  Kevin Durand.

" Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way " - Episode #117

Trance (Laura Bertram), Harper (Gordon Michael Woolvett) and their former employer Gerentex (John Tench) are unwilling partners on a wild ride to find a valuable artifact.  Gerentex:  John Tench, Reaper:  John DeSantis, Adulasia:  Rachel Hayward, Stalin Kuleshov:  John DeSantis,

" The Devil Take the Hindmost " - Episode #118

Rev Bem (Brent Stait) gets a call from a Wayist friend (Mark Holden) in need of his help to save the Hajira and its settlement, Serendipity, from being taken over by slavers.  Thaddeus Blake: Mark Holden, Tiama:  Maya Oconnell, Arun:  Darren Klimek, Szabos:  Garfield Wilson, Ursari:  David Pallfy.

" The Honey Offering " - Episode #119

An arrange marriage between two rival Nietzschean Prides puts the Andromeda Ascendantin danger when Captain Dylan Hunt (Kevin Sorbo) agrees to transport the bride (Kimberly Huie) to the wedding.  Elssbett Mossadim:  Kimberly Huie, Cuchulain:  Adrian Hughes, Dockmaster: Charles Zimmerman, Nietzschean Spy:  Kenan Raven.

Star-Crossed " - Episode #120

Rommie (Lexa Doig) falls in love with a surviving android (Michael Shanks) of a destroyed ship, only to be betrayed as he turns out to be the ultimate enemy.  Gabriel: Michael Shanks, Shura: Jennie Hogan, Pogue:  Jason Diablo.

" It Makes A Lovely Light " - Episode #121

Beka (Lisa Ryder) jeopardizes the crew when she takes a mind-altering drug while attempting an exhaustive piloting mission that could bring Dylan (Kevin Sorbo) to his long-lost home planet.  

" Its Hour Come `Round At Last " - Episode #122

Andromeda's (Lexa Doig) memory of her current crew is wiped out when an old core personality is accidently re-installed.  Bloodmist:  Gerard Plunkett.

Season II
2001- present

Dylan Hunt                             Kevin Sorbo
Beka Valentine                              Lisa Ryder
Tyr Anasazi                        Keith Hamilton Cobb
Rev Bem                                  Brent Stait
Trance Gemini                        Laura Bertram
Seamus Harper                                Gordon Michael Woolvett
Andromeda                                   Lexa Doig

"The Widening Gyre" -Episode: #201

(Season Premiere) With the ship severely damaged, Dylan leads the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant in a battle against the deadliest enemy every encountered.  
Rik Kiviaho, Gerard Plunkett, Robert Saunders

"Exit Strategies" -Episode Number: #202

Dylan, Beka, Rev Bem and Tyr, pursued by a gang of Nietzscheans, are forced to make a crash landing on an icy planet.  Ian Marsh: Kiyama,

"A Heart for Falsehood Framed - Episode Number: #203

The crew of the Andromeda replaces a sacred relic with a fake, attempting to negotiate peace between two battling parties." Peter Kelamis: Mayor Doge Miskich, Anthony Lemke: Leydon Bryce-Hawkins, Micole Parker: Clarion of Loss, Red Glow at Daybreak, Haloes as Bloody Shadow, Richard Side: Beetle