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Romulans have been a special interest of mine since I was first introduced to Star Trek in 1968.  When I saw Balance of Terror.

I had to create a persona and t'Tal Seper I'senmar has been mine since I can remember.  In many ways we are one.

Bio for t'Tal Seper I'senmar
NAME: t'Tal Seper I'senmar

RANK: Classified - Retired Starfleet Captain

Nickname: Ael (Rihannsu for winged fighter) not generally known


CITY: Calanista South of D'Sivas

BORN: 6011.01


Race: Romulan (no ridges)

Sex: Female

Height: 5'10"

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dk. Brown long and full

Skin: Olive tint for her race

Weight: 175 lbs.

Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo on right side of neck marking her as a hired assassin. (The Romulan Insignia).

Other: Wears a dark stone ring symbol of heirship to the Supreme Praetor. (This information is not wide spread; it would cause too much distrust) [NOTE: t'Tal wears this ring around her neck, when she is not inside the Romulan boundaries. Never openly displays it. It would not be commonplace for people to see it.]

Marital Status: Single (consort to rh'Andi of ch'Ryndl; see assignment history for Romulan Status)

PRESENT ASSIGNMENT: Retired Captain of the USS BLACKFIRE, works for Starfleet Intelligence.


Romulan Medals:

Praetorian Honor of Valor,  Military Honor of Service

Starfleet Medals:

9302.13 Galactic Order of Merit. 9401.20 Bronze Medal of Service


Loyal to the Federation, and to the ship she is serving at the time. Has a definite mistrust of Klingons. At first she would seem aloft and cold, very professional; she has a liking for chess and sparing as exercise. Is very fair and will listen to both sides of any given story. Doesn't call many people friends, but considers Warren Locke and Malone Sparhawk to be among them.   Once her trust is given it's forever unless you betray or try to hurt those she's sworn to protect.


A natural telepath from her father's side (Vulcan), it has been heighten by experimentation, and due to this experimentation, she doesn't trust Medical Officers, from either side, Romulan or Federation.

An expert fighter in hand to hand and by phaser. Also trained in many different kinds of martial arts, and the way to kill a person regardless of race. Trained in a variety of swords, and other bladed weapons. Carries two daggers on her person at all times, (One in her right boot and one in the left boot) they are concealed, at first glance look like decorations.

t'Tal has a deep-rooted fear of being caught off guard, and not being able to handle a situation. Hates surprises, and fears of getting too close to people; they have a way of betraying and or dying on her.

Fear of giving into interrogations, and fears the idea of being confined in small spaces for long periods of time (cell likeness or smaller)


The normal pointed ears and small skin coloration (No Ridges...based off of televisions Romulans (classic trek).


At age of six was taken from Calanista and taken to Hellguard, there she learned to survive. Lost father a year later.

At age of Twelve was rescued by Telvek, Selt, Selvac, and Therm. Taken back to Romulus. Training began on the ship enroute to Romulus.

At the Rihannsu Military Academy was trained in all forms of fighting under a man called Ar'yl. Ar'yl taught her assassination techniques, stealth fighting and all phases of command.

Graduated with highest possible honours, which surprised many Romulans, due to the fact she is a hybrid. Holds medals and commendations from the Rihannsu Empire for assignment completion. Holds a very high regard for her mentor Ar'yl and the Military Praetor.


Engineer Officer on Rihannsu ship SLIENT VICTORY, captured by Klingons on
Stardate 7806.23 and remained a prisoner for two years under a Klingon named Kretz. Kretz is a 1/2 Klingon and 1/2 Cardassian. Kretz changed the name of his ship to SIENT VICTORY to shame the Romulan Empire.

8011.01 Escaped and took the six surviving crew of her ship with her. Much to the surprise of the Romulan Military. Underwent seven months of debriefing and intense questioning as well as a complete physical and mental training before returning to duty for the Empire.

8106.16 Served six months as the Praetors personal guard. Before she was given an assignment on the ship DESTROYER.

8112.17 Helmsman on the DESTROYER

8203.17 Promoted to Sub-Commander

8208.29 Promoted to Commander upon killing her present Commander for lack of following orders from the Military Praetor. Something she would and could not stand for.

8304.15 Received the metal of Service for a successful raid on a Klingon Military outpost.

8407.25 Received the insignia of merit for a successful battle against the Cardassians.

8411.01 Received ribbon of commendation for saving the Praetors life in a failed attempt at assassination.

8710.20 Defected from the Empire to Federation Space.

8910.19 After spending two years of debriefing upon her defection, she is placed upon the GAULENT for a training mission from 9009.22-9011.29.

9011.30-9107.10 Became Captains Yeoman aboard the RENEGADE

9201.31-9206.15 Captured by the Rihannsu (Romulan) and held captive.

9206.17 Arrived on Starbase 15 inside Federation Space.

9208.20 Restationed aboard the Cambridge under the command of Captain T'Rana, a half Vulcan/half Klingon.

Stardates Unknown: Recaptured by the Romulans and put on trial for tratorious actions against the Empire. Found guilty and sentenced to death. Never spoke in her defense and the Military Praetor was never present at these trials. The Supreme Praetor declared her death sentence. Rescued by the USS DEFENDER and returned to Starbase Headquarters.

9210.09 Offered and took command of the USS CAMBRIDGE upon Captain T'Rana's resignation.

9212.26-9307.19 Placed as temporary Captain of the USS DEFENDER for a training mission. There she met a vampire, Jon Pierre (Chief of Security). Jon Pierre bit and shared blood with t'Tal, so if she would ever die, she would come back as a vampire. (There are no abnormal findings in her blood system, to prove that this would happen, though Pierre swears it will).

9307.25 Resumes her position as Captain of the CAMBRIDGE

9309.20 Becomes consort to the Military Praetor's heir rh'Andi of ch'Ryndl.

9310.15 Supreme Praetor names t'Tal as his official heir to the throne when he dies. In that way both houses his and the Military house will be joined forever. This also will insure a possible peace in the future for the Romulan people.

9311.01 Returns to the CAMBRIDGE to retake command of the ship once again.

9403.15 Relieved of command and summoned to Earth. Where she meets with Admiral Knight and turns down a promotion of Commodore.

9404.01 Takes Command of Lockerby's latest ship. The USS BLACKFIRE, sister ship to the USS NIGHTBIRD.

Stardate Unknown: Exact time of t'Tal retirement from active service is not recorded. Though it is believed it occurred around the time she was seriously injured during a mission and came back blind, and in a coma state. She is holds a rank of Captain and goes to ships for inspections and temporary assignments. No one knows her exact position with the Federation. All records dealing with her whereabouts are Classified or referred to Starfleet Intelligence Admiral Gravae.


Bio of rh'Ani of ch'Ryndl

NAME: rh'Andi

BORN: 6205.25


Race: Romulan

Sex: Male

Height: 6'0"

Eyes: Pale Silver

Hair: Blond, wavy, worn to the collar

Weight: 175 lbs.

Distinguishing Marks: Faint scars on chest and right wrist, earring with the family symbol in left ear.


Prefers dark blue or black, modestly designed and cut, and worn without decoration. He is always armed with the heir's knife.


Grandfather, ch'Ali, late Military Praetor (9809.04-8307.18)

Grandmother, Sumhir (0312.21-7301.24)

Father, rh'Bort, second son, banished 5804.20 to ch'Ryndl (3208.07-9007.04)

Mother, Katryn (3301.03-9007.04)

Sister, Yovet (6607.17-9007.04)

Uncle, ch'Rls, first son, Military Praetor (2803.11- )

Uncle, tr'Ent, third son (4209.12-9104.04)

PLACE OF ORIGIN: Born and raised in the capital city of Huyrdin on ch'Ryndl.

BEST FRIEND: His pilot and bodyguard, s'Hawk.

ENEMIES: Anyone in the employ or under the spell of his late treacherous
uncle, tr'Ent.

CONSORT: t'Tal Seper I'senmar, (grand)daughter and heir to the Supreme Praetor.

EDUCATION: Raised and trained by his father's house and retainers.

EXPERIENCE: As heir to the holding of ch'Ryndl, he was trained as leader
and warrior, and administered his father's estates as age and illness infirmed rh'Bort.

LIKES: Strategy games, Caitan-fighting (he owned a pair of caitan fighters as pets before they were killed in a ship explosion 9104.20), Romulan ale and haunting music.

DISLIKES: Traitors, those who mistreat their pets, having the necessity of continual medication.

FEARS/REGRETS: He regrets not being able to keep his family safe, and finding out that his own uncle was responsible for their deaths He regrets not knowing his grandparents. He has very few fears, and seems fearless to most.

SKILLS: He can hold his own in most hand-to-hand fighting, and can deftly handle ritual sabre work and knife fighting. He speaks Standard fluently.

WEAKNESSES: He tires easily and has several food allergies that seem linked to the genetic disorder that incapacitated his father, but these can be controlled with medication. (It is suspected that these genetic traits came from Sumhir's line, as did the odd gene for blond hair.)

SEES HIMSELF AS: A warrior doing his job for the glory of the Empire.

SEEN BY OTHERS AS: A powerful lord doing his job and willing to do whatever it takes to do it.

AMBITION: To be an even better Praetor than his uncle.

SECRETS: Ah, but that would be telling!

RELIGION OR BELIEF: Raised in, but does not practice, the following of the "Great Brothers" on the "Road to the Stars."

FAMILY HISTORY: Father, rh'Bort, was second son of the Military Praetor, ch'Ali and his wife, Sumhir (a rare blonde Romulan), but was banished to the planet ch'Ryndl due to a disgrace which has never been made public. When banished, rh'Bort swore that, while none of his kin were bound by the banishment, they would abide by it as long as he lived. The colony planet was watched over by Commander (now Commander-General) tr'Thrai, friend to rh'Bort, at the request of ch'Rls at the time of the banishment.

Father, Mother (Katryn) and sister (Yovet) killed in bombing of ch'Ryndl by rebellious forces 9007.04, which also severely injured him. When tr'Thrai heard of the attack, he returned quickly to ch'Ryndl, finding the planet in near-ruin and the family home destroyed. Only rh'Andi, who was out administering his father's word, escaped certain death, and was taken in and hidden by tr'Thrai. Uncle, ch'Rls, is current Military Praetor (upon the death of his father 8307.18), and uncle, tr'Ent (third son of ch'Ali and Sumhir) considered himself heir until rh'Andi was brought alive to his uncles.

He had never met his father's family before being presented to them by Khre'riov (Commander-General) tr'Thrai on 9102.19.(Khre'riov tr'Thrai had been a close friend to rh'Bort before the banishment, and, at the Praetor's heir's request, kept a close eye on ch'Ryndl and the family.) tr'Ent was shown to be a traitor to the family and responsible for the bombing of ch'Ryndl, and has been executed. He w as believed dead in a ship explosion on 9104.20 (the 33rd anniversary of his father's banishment), believed perpetrated by tr'Ent's followers. ch'Rls knows he is alive but keeping a low profile, and out doing necessary work. Not knowing if there are still pockets of treason alive, rh'Andi has a bodyguard/pilot, s'Hawk, with him at all times.

rh'Andi currently possesses the heir's knife, a half-meter blade with a faceted ruby for hilt, a pointed diamond for hiltpoint, razor-sharp duranium steel for blade and decorated in gold and jewels.

CHARACTER PROFILE: Though he holds no military rank, by virtue of being heir to the Military Praetor, he can command most all military personnel. As well, most military sub-commanders and commanders watch their tongue and actions around him, knowing anything and everything may be reported back to the praetor. He is not overly aggressive and can be rather charming and polite, but has a vicious streak when crossed.

(His Uncle tr'Ent, after being apprehended for betraying his family, died by his hand.) With the death of his family, he is devoted to his uncle and the praetor's work. He is willing to listen and learn, and takes a great deal of interest in military actions in the past twenty years, especially those in and around the Romulan Neutral Zone.

rh'Andi is run and written by LA Carr -- she only loans him to me.

These characters were created long ago and we have no desire to infringe on Paramount or the Roddenberry estate....  Though they might not follow the current books that are out.  They were  what we saw ... PROUD and BOUND by DUTY.