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                        2001 - Present

Scott Bakula: Captain Jonathan Archer.
John Billingsley: Dr. Phlox (medical officer)
Jolene Blalock: T'Pol (Vulcan first officer)
Dominic Keating: Malcolm Reed (weapons man)
Anthony Montgomery: Travis Mayweather (navigator)
Linda Park: Hoshi Sato (communications officer)
Connor Trinneer: Charlie Tucker (engineer)

[Theme music Wherever You Will Go - by The Calling]

09-26-01: (Broken Bow) ENT 101/102 Directed by James L. Conway.
This episode will involve the crew of the twenty-second century Enterprise. and the first meeting between the Federation and the Klingons. The episode will see a Klingon crash-landing in a cornfield in Oklahoma. According to the Universe, the Klingon is called Klaang, and prior to being shot and wounded by the farmer on whose land he crashed, he manages to kill the 2 Suliban who are pursuing him. (2 hours)

10-03-01: (Fight or Flight) ENT 103
The Enterprise encounters a derelict alien ship floating in space. When he does get his hails answered, Archer decides to board the ship, against the advice of T'Pol. The crew of the ship is found suspended from hooks, with all fluids being drained from their body. It turns out that they have been killed by another alien race that is trying to extract "tri-globulin" from their bodies. When Archer realizes that the alien race who did this may return, Phlox points out that the human body produces a similar substance - an ominous implication. After what were described as some good, very tense scenes between Archer and T'Pol, the Vulcan first officer manages to convince him that there is nothing to be done. Of course, eventually the aliens do return, meaning Hoshi Sato has to find a way to communicate with them to avoid the destruction of the Enterprise.

10-10-01: (Strange New World)
This episode will feature an example of the more primitive state of technology on Enterprise. The crew encounters what they believe to be a friendly, uninhabited alien world, but that turns out to be far more dangerous than they ever expected. The crew members that visit the planet are infected by an alien pollen that induces hallucinations and paranoia. When there is a major storm on the planet, it outright prevents a rescue team from landing, while in later series they would just have needed to "recalibrate the dampers" or something similar. This episode will also showcase the unreliability of the early transporters, as a crewman is beamed back off the planet in an emergency, with debris embedded in his body. The particle buffers are unable to detect the difference between the crewman and some debris in the stream. When the crewman materializes, he has chunks of rocks and leaves fused into his body

10-17-01: (Unexpected)
This episode will feature the male pregnancy first mentioned in the recent TV Guide interview. The episode opens when malfunctions start to occur on the Enterprise, and the crew notices an alien ship hiding in their exhaust wake. It turns out that the aliens are there to recharge their ship to try and get home. The Enterprise engineer, Charlie 'Trip' Tucker, goes over to the aliens to help them repair their ship - but unwittingly becomes pregnant in the process. Trip manages to fix the ship, and it departs. Once the crew figures out that Trip is indeed pregnant, they try to track down the aliens, and find them hiding in the slipstream of a Klingon ship. The Klingons are not at all receptive to Captain Archer and threaten to destroy both the alien ship and the Enterprise. For a change, T'Pol helps Archer resolve the situation, and the Klingons agree to leave the aliens unharmed - if they agree to trade some primitive holo-technology.

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