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  Part 2  Unknown Past   by P.E. Savage

    McCall paced at the airport lobby; the plane was over an hour late.  He watched every move of the personnel, but no one came to take him to one of those special rooms where they quietly and with saddened faces told you that there was an accident, and no news of survivors.

    Again, he looked over the receiving lobby to see who could possibly seem out of place.  Couples, single men and women, none seemed the type to be responsible for the delay.  Yet there could be an assassin planted in the airport, or worse a KGB agent and Scott would be the one that got hurt.  Scott and how many other passengers?  McCall only had Control's word that this girl, what was her name ---- Karen --- Karen Scholfield?  Yes, that was it, that this Karen wasn't really an agent, and couldn't be the one really doing all of this.  McCall tried to sit, tried to be patient, yet found himself pacing again.  Where was that damn plane?

    "Flight 403 is now landing at gate 10.  Please stay in the lobby until the passengers clear customs.  Thank you," The voice announced from the airport's speaker.  McCall turned and watched the door where they would come in.    A face in the crowd caught his attention; the man looked like an agent from the company.  Control had said no one would be here, yet he could swear that he knew that face.  McCall moved to get a better look, the man disappeared into the crowd.  Knowing something was up McCall moved toward the area where Scott would be walking through his first and only thought was he had to get to Scott, had to protect Scott.

    As the passengers left the plane, the figure moved to keep his eyes on his targets. He refused to loose sight of the two young people, especially the girl.  After all, she held what he wanted, and he would get it.  People rushed and moved in front of him; he would have to make his move as soon as they got out of customs. The steps would do fine for his purposes.  A quick shove knife in the side just under the rib cage and while they were tending to her, he would have her flight bag and purse and the information they needed.

    Another figure in the crowd caught his attention … McCall … so the Company knew of her arrival.  She wasn't as innocent as they were led to believe.  All the better to work fast and get the information once that was done then they would be free to crush the company and all it stood for.

    He watched as the line at customs moved smoothly, the tall blonde was easy to spot as long as he kept track of him he would find her.  At first he thought he had lost sight of his charges, but then he saw they up ahead.  He moved quickly.  He needed to be close when his opening came and to take advantage of the situation.

    "I'll be honest Scott, I don't know if I like the idea of meeting your father.  I mean, it could give him the wrong impression." Karen smiled. "I mean, what am I suppose to say, Hello Mr. McCall, nice meeting you and now I have this problem.."

    "Come on, Karen.  My father is a cool guy; he won't jump to any hasty ideas.  I've stopped making him do that." Scott gave a reassuring smile. "Besides I have your flight bag, so you can't run off."

    "Must be nice to know who your parents are.  I mean, that knowledge gives you some sort of confidence in yourself.  As for the flight bag, I can easily take that away from you."

    "You'll find out who your father is."  Scott moved toward the stairs. "Look, you found out that there is a chance your father is somewhere in New York."  He stopped and went to hug her.  "There's my father."  Scott said smiling, "As for the flight bag, you can try … Dad!"  Scott walked over and gave McCall a hug.  "Dad, I want you to meet Karen.  Karen, this my father, Robert McCall."

    "Nice to meet you, Mr. McCall.  Scott has spoken highly of you."

    "Has he?"  McCall asked looking at Scott. "Not enough time to shave?"  He hated not being able to relax around Scott, he kept looking at the faces in the crowd, was there danger there was one of these an enemy agent?

    "Uh.... Well...."  Scott stammered.

    "He's been trying a different look."  Karen offered, coming to Scott's defense.

    "Are you planning on keeping it?"  McCall asked his brow frowning.

    "I'm not sure."  Scott answered sheepishly. "I was thinking about it."  His father was on edge Scott could tell and it wasn't because of his beard. He found himself looking around what was it?

    "Don't, it doesn't become you."  McCall offered his son a slight smile trying to appear to be relaxed, there was no need to worry him or his friend.  

   Before Scott could reply, he was knocked into his father by a body coming between him and Karen, he heard her scream as he turned to see what hit them.  He saw a man running off with Karen's purse.

   "Karen!"  Scott yelled, flying down the steps, he was followed by McCall.   He vaguely heard someone calling for police and ambulance.  Karen laid at the foot of the steps motionless. Kneeling beside her he pushed her hair back and looked up at his father. "She's bleeding."  Scott looked around him trying to see pass the crowd that was gathering. "She's bleeding bad."

   "It's alright Scott."  Robert said kneeling next to his son.  "The ambulance is on its way."  Robert knew that Scott was trying to tell him, that whoever did this meant for her to die.  Robert watched as Scott used his hand to try to stop the bleeding.


    Scott paced the waiting room while Robert McCall sat in one of the chairs; silence filled the room.  McCall rose when the doctor came in.

    "How is she?"  Robert asked.

    "Her condition is stable, but she still hasn't awakened.  The knife wound barely missed her heart put that with the fall she took, she's lucky to be alive.  If you would like, you could come back in the morning and see how she's doing then, Mr. McCall."  

    Robert nodded and turned toward his son.  "You have my number."

    "Yes, it's on file."

    "Come on, Scott.  You need some rest."  Scott nodded and picked up his flight bag as well as Karen's, but hesitated.

    "I should stay, she doesn't know anyone."  Scott protested.

    "You're not going to be of any help to her if you run your health down.  Come on now."  Robert wouldn't take no for an answer.  "There's a guard placed outside her room.  Isadore promised me she'll be guarded."

    "It's hard to believe that someone would attack her for her purse, she doesn't have a lot of money."

    "Scott, did she meet anyone that you know of."

    "She's been searching for her father, there was a private investigator by the name of Cottersweld who was looking into it for her."
    "Did he find out anything for her?"  Robert asked.
    "Nothing solid."  Scott replied.  "Only that there was a chance he was here in New York."

    "I see."  Robert McCall walked over and looked out of the window. "She talked to no one else?"

    Scott shook his head. "She was to meet another investigator here in New York by the name of Burner."  Scott looked to his father. "There was a strange man that she talked to, said he had some information, but got up and left.  Karen wasn't sure what he really wanted."

    "Come on we'll discuss this at home."


    The figure waited in the shadows until the McCall's left the hospital.  He would handle the boy later, right now he needed to get around the guard and finish the job or use her to get to the boy.  There was no telling what he knew, he was probably Company also.  Finding the locker room that the resident doctors used he slipped quietly inside and found a lab coat, that would get him passed the guard.  He would figure out what to do from there.
   The guard never questioned him as he entered the room.  Walking over to the bed that held the sleeping figure.  He looked at the tubes and the IV that led to her body.  It would be so easy to end her life now, yet he couldn't, because what he needed and wanted wasn't in her purse. So it had to be in her luggage.  He pulled a needle out of his pocket and bent over the IV.  This would wake her, and she would be able to answer his questions.  He was uncertain of the lasting effects, but that wasn't important at this stage of the game.  He looked at her chart and smiled.  The drug should be taking effect any time now.  He needed to take care of the guard, couldn't risk interruptions.
   "Officer, I hate to interrupt you, but could you come in here for a moment."

   "What's the problem?"

   "I need to roll her over and I need you to hold the IV's."

   "Sure."  When the officer walked passed he stabbed him and watched the body fall, giving an extra couple of stabs to make sure the police officer was dead.

    "Karen, Karen..." he called softly.  "Wake up Karen, come into the real world."

    "Scott?"  Was the weak reply.

    "No, I'm a friend, Karen, you have to answer some questions for me."

    "Questions..... what about?"  The voice was still groggy. "What could.... I know?"

    "Where is the package the man gave you?  The package, Karen, where is the package?"

    "I don't know.......what you are talking about.  I have.......... no package."

    "What about your boyfriend, Karen?"  The man said slightly above his whispering tone.  "Where does he live?"

    "What boy.... friend?"  Karen's voice started to tail off, "I....don't know....where Scott lives......Haven't been there."  He tapped her face slightly to bring her back.  
Injecting her again would be too dangerous; she could die before he got what he wanted.

    "What in the........"  A voice from the door said. "Who are you and what are you doing here?"  The nurse stood half in and half out of the room.  The nurse looked down and saw the officer laying on the floor.  The stranger instinctively pulled his gun and pointed it at her, while his other hand motioned her to come in.

    "Shh... You are going to come with me and help take care of this girl, until I can get hold of her boyfriend."  The voice was low but harsh.  He moved closer to the nurse. Waving the gun in front of her face.  "You make a wrong sound or move and I'll make sure you never do so again.  Understand?"  The nurse nodded.

    "But to move her now could kill her," the nurse tried to explain to him.  Her eyes never left the gun in his hand.  She couldn't understand why this had happened; her shift was almost over; why her?

    "That's what you are for, dear.  You are going to make sure that she stays alive, at least until I get my package."


    When McCall and Scott reached the apartment they found Control waiting for them with suitcases.

    "What is it now, Control?"  McCall asked in a tired voice.

    "I had Scott's and Karen's luggage delivered.  Besides, there's something I think you would want to know."

    Robert McCall looked at Control, then opened the door while Scott helped carry in the luggage.  In all the excitement, he had forgotten it, his thoughts were still on Karen mugging Scott could understand, but why stab her the fall down the escalator would have been enough to almost kill her.  Once inside, Control went to the window to see if there was anyone outside. Satisfied that it was clear, he turned his attention back to Scott and Robert.

    "We have the information, Robert.  The code book that the agent had when he died, it was in Karen's large suitcase addressed to one of our post boxes here in New York addressed to a Mr. Harris.  We now have nothing to worry about."

    "Wait........She was carrying a package for you?"  Scott questioned interrupting anything else that Control was going to say.  When no one answered him, Scott looked at his father. "Is she working for him?"  He asked.  He couldn't believe that she was an agent, but Scott had learned a long time ago to never underestimate the Company.  

    "No, Scott, she's not working for me," Control answered at last. "She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and happened to get caught up in the works of an operation."

    "It's a calculated risk that civilians take, Scott.  Isn't that right, Control?"  McCall said sarcastically.

    "We can only theorize that the person who pushed her down the stairs thought the information was in her purse or flight bag."  Control sat down in the chair by the window and looked out, placing his hand just under his chin-- a pose McCall was used to seeing him in when he was in thought.

    "What happens when this person finds out that he doesn't have it?"  Scott asked.  Robert looked at Control and wondered what his answer would be; would he simply state that it was a risk the girl would have to take? After all, Control had the information; the agents and their families were safe, Scott was safe and so was Kate.

    "I've ordered a guard for her.  He should have arrived by now and relieved the police officer.  Only you and your father are permitted to see her, besides the medical staff."  The phone rang and Robert rose to answer it.  He was on it briefly, and then he turned to face Control and his son.

    "That was your guard, Control.  Karen and a nurse are missing.  The police officer was found dead in Karen's room."

    "He'll try to get to Scott in hopes he has the information," Control said softly. His voice was distant and McCall knew he was somewhere else.

    "He'll keep Karen alive until then. It won't take him long to locate Scott; we left our names to be notified if her condition changed.  I'm sure the nurse will inform her captor of that fact," McCall said, coming back into the living room.  "We could use the information as bait, but keep it in our hands."

    "We can't.  The information has been destroyed, we destroyed it once we found it," Control stated.  "We had to protect our people."

    "What about protecting Karen?"  Scott yelled "Don't you give a damn about that?"  Scott turned to his father. "Dad, we have to find her; I insisted on bringing her here, because she found a lead that could lead to her father, and that package only confirmed it.  I thought you could help her.  I'm the only one she knows."

    "We'll do our best to stop anything or anyone from harming her," Control said, rising to his feet. "As soon as he contacts you, you are to set up a meeting place and we'll take it from there."

    "Oh sure, and if he gets trigger happy, who cares, right?"  Scott snipped.  His memory of tight times when his father was in danger was too fresh in his mind.  "You don't mind if I don't find that comforting."

    "That's not fair, Scott.  We try never to get civilians involved in our business...."

    "But if they do, too bad, just another number, another mistake," Scott spat.  "Just like the time you wrote my dad off.  Almost let him get sent to Russia to save you agents." Scott yelled getting in Control's face.

    "Scott! That will be enough,"  Robert broke in.  He knew that Scott had a point, but he didn't have any idea on how the Company worked.  "This will do neither us nor the Karen any good."

    "It's all right Robert.  Scott doesn't realize that I have a special interest in Karen."  Control paused slightly.

    "This I have to hear."  Scott scoffed.  "What interest could you have in her, you don't even know her?"

   "Scott, she's my daughter."

    "Your........"  Scott and McCall looked at Control.

    "Is that part of your training also, to abandon sons and daughters.  Or is it an admission test you subject them to?"  Scott spat.  He threw his hands up in the air. "What is it with the Company?" Scott yelled.  "You used her, used me.  It all fits, the agent was watching her wasn't he?" Scott accused.

    "You had this knowledge, and yet condemned me for Yvette?"  McCall's voice was harsh.

    "She was......."  Control stopped, he had no defense for his past actions dealing with Robert and Manon.

    "Do you know the hell, you've put her through? All her self doubts?"  Scott turned on Control; he was so close to hitting this man. "Did you even care of what you put her through?"

    "I don't have to answer to you Scott."  Control stressed.

    "No, you don't."  Scott agreed. "But I think you need to answer to Karen." He turned on his father.  "I'm going for a walk."  He picked up his jacket only to stopped by Robert's hand.

    "Scott, you're not going to do Karen any good but flying off the handle."

    "Karen must never know Scott."  Control said looking at Scott.  "You know the danger and the risk is too great.  Do you understand me Scott?"

    "Oh, yeah, lets protect the Company." Scott spat throwing his jacket on the couch then sitting down.  "Who cares if someone gets hurts or killed.  Wouldn't do for everyone to know they father children then run away."  Scott ran his hands through his hair and propped his feet on the table.

    "Scott!"  McCall snapped.  Scott turned to face his father; hurt and anger were clearly visible.  McCall understood his son's reactions; he had his own feelings of betrayal.  Control had kept Manon and Yvette from him, yet, came to him to have him help protect his own daughter.

    "I can understand Scott's feelings Robert."  Control paused slightly; "We are wasting time."  Control tried to sound like his old self, tried to retake control of the situation.

    "I'll set the answering machine and  I'll see what I can uncover." Robert suggested. "We could use Mickey."  Control nodded
    "You're not leaving me here."  Scott said rising to his feet, he left the apartment with Control and McCall.

   Robert looked at his son.  "We'll start at the hospital."

    When the trio arrived at the hospital they found the police already there.  "McCall," Isadore called. "One of your clients?"

    "A friend, Isadore.  What do you have?"  His friend handed McCall the note that was left.  All it gave was the location for a meeting and that the blond boy was to bring the package.

    "Care to fill an old friend in?"  Isadore asked.

    "It's a long story."  McCall answered.

    "Look McCall, I have an officer that is dead, we have a missing girl, a nurse and a variety of medical supplies and drugs."  Isadore stared at Robert.  "I have all the time in the world."


    "She's getting worse."  The nurse stated.  "She needs a doctor, concussions as well as her injuries need to be monitored," Looking at the vital signs once more, she shook her head the readings weren't good and she didn't like them at all.  What was worse, she wasn't sure she would be able to leave if the girl died or not.  This man was a crazy one; she had spent two years in the psycho ward at the hospital, and saw many of his type nervous, cagey and the feelings of paranoia.  Calm one minute and off the handle the next.  No, she had serious doubts if either of them would be allowed to live.

    "You best keep her alive; if she dies, so will you."  Their jailer paced around the room.  "The boy will be here tonight, then you all will be free.  After I get the information, I'll set you all free."  He walked around the room laughing.  "What's your name?"
    "Sarah … Sarah Winslow."  She stammered.  "Do you have a … name?"

    "You can call me Ray."  The man answered.  He walked over to Sarah and ran his hand across her cheek.  "You are very pretty for a nurse."
    "Please … don't."  Sarah whispered.

    "It doesn't make a difference." Ray answered chuckling.  "It'll be over soon enough."  He kissed Sarah then left her alone in the room locking the door behind him.

    Sarah looked at her patient then slowly rose from her position on the cot and walked over to the door, she tried it knowing that he had locked it behind him.  She wished she hadn't argued with Bill this morning.  God, how she wanted to see him one more time. "I don't want to die," she said out loud. "Please God, I don't want to die."


    Ray waited in the shadows waiting for the figure of the blond boy.  He had to have found the note by now, either him or the police.  Once the boy turned the information over to him, he would kill them all.   After all, he couldn't leave witnesses.  He checked his controls to make sure the bomb would go off once the button was pressed, and that his gun was full of ammo.  So far everything was going as planned.  Even if the police did show, he had an ace in the hole.  The nurse, she was a good looker and would make a good hostage in getting out of here if anything went wrong, the girl was expendable.  He placed the detonation device on his belt; to the normal eye, it would look like a pager, but he knew differently.

    A sound caught his attention; the boy had arrived.  He turned toward it and searched the darkness. It took him some time to find the figure walking in uncertain steps.  It looked shorter and slightly heavier than the boyfriend he was expecting did, but it really didn't matter.

    "Stop, right where you are.  Who are you and where is the boy?"  The figure stopped, but didn't answer.  "Who are you?"  He asked again, his voice was shaking. "Answer me, or they die, both the girl and the nurse."  He pulled the device from his belt.  "All I have to do is press this button, they'll be sailing high."

    "I'm a friend to both of them, the boy couldn't make it, and I didn't think he should get involved," McCall answered. "Don't do anything rash."  McCall's voice was soft and even he didn't like the way the man in front of him was losing control.  He didn't recognize him, so that meant he wasn't a known agent.  "Where's the girl?"

    "In a safe place, and she'll die there they both will die unless you give me what I want."  He didn't like this person standing in front of him, he was too assured of himself.  Yet he was just an old man. "Now old man, if I get too itchy we will have a couple of dead women on our hands.  Give me the book."

    "What guarantee do I have that you will let them go once I give you this package you want?"  McCall noticed that the man seemed to be more relaxed once he thought that McCall was just a courier.  He removed an envelope from his coat pocket and let the man in front of him see it.

    "None, old man, but you do have a guarantee that if you don't give that to me, they are dead."  His full attention was on the figure of McCall in front of him and the envelope that he held.  He never saw the figure approaching him from the rear. "So just slide it over to me and we can go our different ways and you can pick up the girls at a location that I give you." {Pick them up in little pieces} he thought.

     McCall didn't say anything but slid the package over to the man.  When he bent over to pick up the package.  McCall didn't move as Mickey jumped the man.
    "Be careful Mickey, he has denotation device."  Robert yelled.

    "I have him, McCall," Mickey said.  He looked at the device and smiled. "Hey McCall I haven't seen one of these designs in years." Mickey studied it. "Not since Bangladesh.  Nasty if it's not deactivated properly.  BOOM!"  Mickey took out his knife and slowly pried it open and whistled.  "Man he must be colored blind."  Glancing up to McCall, "It might take me a while to deactivate it."
    "Get working on it Mickey."  McCall turned to stare at the man laying on the ground.  "It's over, where are they?"  McCall questioned.  The man just smiled in silence. "Where are they?"

    "Underground, old man, underground and dying."  His laughter filled the air and McCall wanted to kill him.  Who did this person work for and how were they going to get the answers in the time frame that they had?  He doubted if either of the hostages were going to survive.  "Who do you work for?"

    "Myself old man."  Ray answered.  "You'll never find them.  The girl is almost dead, and the nurse as pretty as she is."  He laughed.

    "You know McCall, if I get this right, it might be able to work as a homing beacon," Mickey offered.
    "Get working on it, Mickey we're running out of time."  Was all the McCall could bring himself to say.  He could see the police walking up the alley; soon this maniac would be out of his grasp and into New York's police force, and would possibly be out in a matter of hours.  Somehow he had to stop it.  But how?

    "We'll take over now, McCall," Isadore said as his men reached for the man.  "Come along."

    "He knows where the hostages are Isadore.  We need to find out where." McCall informed him.

    "He has rights, he doesn't have to talk until his lawyer arrives."  McCall's friend said sadly. "But I don't have to tell you that, do I?"

    "No, you don't.  But what about the victims right?  If we don't find them, these two women could die.  Then what, we just quote the Miranda act for their families?"  
McCall knew he was losing control, but he couldn't believe how people were able to slip through the loopholes of the law.

    "I uphold the law McCall."  Isadore answered slowly, "Only the people can the laws."

    "McCall, I have it," Mickey yelled.  "It took some doing, but I was able to make it into a homing signal.  We'll be able to follow it right to the girls."  Mickey said with a confident smile.  

    "Let's go, Mickey."  McCall looked at Isadore. "I'll let you know if this works."

    "There is one draw back, there is a chance that as we get closer it could accidently trigger the trap he has set."

    "Then we'll get front seats won't we Mickey." Robert said walking to his car.  McCall thought about his police friend as he followed the signal.  It wasn't his fault if the scum and the low life knew the loopholes of the system.   McCall was use to finding loopholes; the Company trained him well for that.  In fact, McCall felt sorry for Isadore, his hands were tied sometimes.

    McCall and Mickey followed the signal into the abandoned section of the New York harbor.  Empty buildings lined up on both sides of the road; too many, these days.  Empty warehouses left for the homeless, the crime lords, the gangs.  But which one held the girls? From what Mickey had told him, the device could have a back up, that could still explode if it wasn't deactivated at the base.  That was a chance that neither of them wanted to take.  McCall could feel that old pressure he usually felt when he was on assignment for the company, the type of pressure that kept you alive and made you hear every sound that was possible to hear.  He knew that Mickey was on the same alert, it was easy to see, for someone who had been through it.  But would it be enough to make sure they got there in time?  He trusted Mickey to know what he was doing and knew that Mickey's expertise made him appear as a loose canon many a times.

    "McCall, it's got to be here."  Mickey said out of the blue, breaking the silence.  McCall noticed that Mickey was pointing out a small brick building that could have been a fishery at one time.  Now it was a building that was falling apart and would probably be destroyed in the future.  All McCall hoped was that it wouldn't be tonight.

    "Come on."  They both followed the tracking signal until it led them to a closed door.  Judging from its location, it could lead to the basement.

    "I don't dare risk using it anymore."  Mickey stopped in front of a door.  "Stand back, it could be wired," Mickey told his friend.  He then proceeded to check the door and felt every crack and every seam. "It's all right."  Mickey slowly opened the door and walked inside.  What he saw was a dark staircase that led down to a cellar and ended at another door. He led the way checking each step for traps or other surprises.  Mickey slowly checked the door and opened it slowly and shone his flashlight into what looked like a storage area.  "Have to say one thing for the psycho, he liked doors."  

   "Let's just be careful Mickey."

   Mickey shrugged his shoulders and stopped at another door, walking over to it he proceeded to check it for the same traps.  He found one after another.  "This has to be it, it has more wires and sensors than the Russian Embassy. The slightest movement and it goes off."  Mickey allowed his fingers to go along the door remembering each location.  "This guys crazier than I am."  Mickey said after a while, admiration escaped his throat.

    "Quit admiring the man's work Mickey and defuse the door."

    "This can't be rushed McCall."  Mickey worked slowly disconnecting every wire, every alarm.  How many back-ups did this guy have?  "It has all the markings of the Company."  Mickey announced.

    After what seemed like an eternity he got the door opened and found a woman in a nurses uniform.  She was bending over a figure.  When she heard the door, she turned and looked at him in disbelief.

    "Be careful, I heard some kind of ticking when I tried the door."  the nurse warned.

    Mickey stopped and listened, upon hearing the ticking he looked down and searched the wall, it was so easily to see, once you knew what you were looking for. A thin wire ran along the wall leading to the main device that the remote was for hidden in a fake part of the wall.

    "There it is, McCall. It's set for thirty minutes from now.  If I don't have it defused by then-boom.  I tell you he is crazier than I am."

    "Get on with it."

    "Sure, just give me a few minutes."  Mickey stepped up to the wire and went to work.  "Check on the women, if nothing else get them out of here.  I'll see if I can defuse it, that is if the weirdo didn't wire the other side of this fake wall, that would be standard practice."

    "How is Karen?"  McCall asked walking over to the nurse.

    "Not good, I'm not sure if she'll survive."  Sarah hoped that Mickey knew what he was doing, and wouldn't blow them all to the sky and beyond.  

   "It'll be alright, the man is in custody.  I'm going to go out to alert the police." McCall patted the nurse on the shoulder and walked out of the room to notify Isadore and to make sure an ambulance was here to transport Karen to safety.


    Scott, McCall, Mickey and Control were all in the waiting room when the surgeon walked in.  He motioned for them to remain seated.  A clot had developed under Karen's lung.  She would have died instantly if it had shifted.

    "It was close, but the clot that formed has been removed.  I have belief that she'll be all right.  She's one lucky person."

    "Can I see her?"  Scott asked standing to face the doctor.

    "No, maybe tomorrow.  She'll be under sedation at least until then.  If you have questions, you know how to reach me."

    McCall waited until the doctor left then turned to Control.  "Are you going to tell her, Control?"  McCall had to ask it, even though he already knew the answer.

    "No."  Was all that Control said.

    "Why not?"  Scott challenged. "Do you know how she feels? She feels that nobody wants her, that she wasn't good enough for parents.  Karen's envious of anyone who has someplace to go, someone to call family."  Scott looked at his father then to Control. "I've spent a lot of time with her over in England, I know how she thinks."

    "You don't understand. She'd be in constant danger if I told her, Scott.  She will have to go through life not knowing the truth.  It's safer for her in the long run."

    "You're a liar!  I'm not dead yet, am I?"  Scott questioned.  "I know the truth about my father.  You've got to tell her.  You owe it to her, besides, what makes Karen so different?"

    "You don't understand Scott." Control grabbed his coat and walked out of the room.  Scott went to follow him but his father held him back, and Mickey shook his head.

    "Let him go, Scott."  Mickey said.

    "Someone has to tell her, don't they?"  Scott looked to his father for help.


    Control passed the door that led to Karen's room, he stopped and stared at it.  He walked into the dimly lit room and stared down at the sleeping figure.  His thoughts went back to the day he learned of her existence and the plans that he had with her mother Diane, the marriage that would never take place, the life he would never have.  He turned when he saw light from the door enter the room.

    "Thought you would be here."  McCall said walking up to his friend.

    "Wanted to see her one more time."  Control said. "I've only seen pictures of her.  The agent that caused all of this was to watch her, and he almost got her and Scott killed."

    "Why won't you tell her, Control?"  McCall asked, "The real reason."

    "Because, I killed her mother."  McCall stayed silent waiting for his friend.  "We were going to get married.  Karen was a month old.  We were in a restaurant, planning our future.  Some men came looking for me.... Diane got in the way."  Control looked at McCall; "You know what that feels like."

    "Regrettably, yes, I do.  That still doesn't mean you can't tell Karen.  Scott's right, the silence is doing her more harm than good."

    "She's strong, Robert.  I can't offer her what you can offer Scott."  Control removed an envelope and placed it on the small table by the bed.  "Make sure she gets that.  It tells her about Diane, and has a picture of her."

    "You are just going to walk out.  All because chaos broke out at the restaurant and Diane died?"

    "I'll be a friend of the family and tell her about her mother.  There'll be time before she goes back to Europe.  Plenty of time."  Control walked out of the room, leaving McCall standing there.

The End....

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