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FOE Characters:::::

Forces of the Empire --- Persona Bio            

Name:    Octavia-Syn Jinn

Physical Description:

Age: 27            Race: Human        Height: 5'8"      Weight: 165

Hair Color: Dark Brown        Eye Color: Dark Brown

Other Distinguishing Marks: None

Current Status:

Current Job:  Jedi Student
Former Job:   Ship repair/engineer on Electra

Special Abilities:

Can sense danger to herself and people she's around. Knows when the engines are in need of repair before the computers can diagnose it.  She is good in linguistics as well as persuading people to see her point of view when she is bargaining for parts.

Personal Information:

Homeworld: Malastare

Marital Status: Single
Spouse's Name: NA            Siblings: told that she has an older brother by Victoria
Children:  None    Niece:   Victoria Syn (now under guardianship of Tara Alderson

Father's Name: Wai-Cha  (Stratus) Jinn  (deceased)
Race:  Human
Homeworld:  Malastare
Background: Jedi   (his father was Qui-Gon Jinn)

Mother's Name: Me'a Syn  (location unknown)
Race:  Human
Homeworld:  Roona
Background:  Instructor in language and Engineering

Grandfather: Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi Master
Grandmother:  Tahl Jedi Master

Force Training: 8 years from her father before he left and was then reported dead.

Master: NA
Light or Dark:  Light totally.

Employment History:

Served 11 years with Captain Rocasy (Roc) on board the Electra.  All her salary has been put into a trust which she can get it when she needs it.  

Psychological Description:

IQ:  above average
Temperament: quiet and self-contained.  Keeps to herself, people see her point of view when she gets upset or angry.
Fears: The safety of her niece and the inability to live up to what she learned with her abilities. Has no desire to turn to the dark side and will die first.
Likes: Music and seeing different planets and cultures.
Dislikes: not knowing why her mother deserted her. Having to let her niece go to follow her path
Pet Peeves: Her former Captain's gambling habit and using her talents to fix ships as payment when he looses.
Goals in Life: To succeed and find out more about her father's history and family if he has any, and why they didn't come after her if they exist.


Color:  Midnight Blue/Black
Pastime: Reading, research
Hobbies:  Learning about her grandfather's lightsaber, fighting and meditation in the force to improve her abilities.
Food:  Cinnamon Rolls
Drink: Grapefruit and Pineapple Juice.

Personal History:

Octavia was born on Malastare and was trained against her mother's wishes to know about the force and her own possible abilities. Father left when she was eight years old and was gone for two years. At the age of 10 Octavia learned her father was dead via her mother.  
Me'a Syn took Octavia to Myrkyr, and raised her there for two years, before she left Octavia alone.  Me'a Syn couldn't take seeing the force starting to develop in Octavia and didn't want to go through any more trouble, had enough with Wai-Cha, deserted Octavia at the age of 12.

In the two years Octavia was with her mother, Me'a constantly reminded her that the force was a bunch of myth and trickery.  Me'a made sure Octavia was kept in the areas where the force was unable to be used or sensed.  Octavia came to believe her mother after a while and felt somewhat betrayed by her father and his teaching.

Octavia did miscellaneous jobs and stayed out of trouble for three years; until she made a mistake in diagnosing a ships engine problem and was set to be sold as a slave. Right before she ended up in slavery was rescued by S'Lara and introduced to Rocasy and became his engineer. Never paid too much attention to all the hoopla between the Empire and the New Republic.

She practices with her grandfather's lightsaber and uses it, as her main weapon when she has to, likes cloaks and watching people from a distance. She doesn't remember everything her father taught her, and when she does things through the force she is taken by surprise.

Octavia doesn't trust people easily because of being left by her mother, and somehow believes it's because of her father that her mother left.

Octavia has just recently discovered that her grandfather was Qui-Gon Jinn the Jedi Master a Jedi student named Rachel told her this. Finding this hard to believe Octavia did a lot of thinking before she left the Electria and decided to find out what direction her life should take.  She is concerned by the dreams she still has and from what Rachel has told her its because of her saber --- it is the only connection to her father and her grandfather.  

While on Port Lansing discovered Victoria Syn when she tried to pick-pocket her. Victoria then told her that she had been watching her and that she is her niece.  Octavia took the girl in, though there is an unsteady trust between the two.  Octavia doesn't fully believe her, but will not turn her out in the cold.

Octavia then grew in the force and its knowledge when on her way to Yavin; the transport she was on with Jerella and Luke Skywalker was high-jacked and they were forced to take part in the gladiatorial games.  Where she was forced to kill her opponent.  

After they were rescued by the Alliance, Octavia began her training with Luke Skywalker (Season Irwin on line) in the course of the training memories of her earlier training with her father are coming forward which make her new duties easy in some areas.


Forces of the Empire --- Persona Bio            

Name:  Commander Mira Lexor (Magellan married name)

Physical Description:

Age: 41            Race: Telosian (human)        Height: 5'8"      Weight: 175

Hair Color: Auburn        Eye Color: Dark Brown

Other Distinguishing Marks: Scar on right wrist from lab accident   (OCC unless a doctor examines: birthmark on left hip triangular shape

Current Status: Lt. in Imperial Fleet Intelligence. Assigned to the Sovereign Fleet .

Current Job: Working with the Empire in intelligence gathering information.  Stationed on board SVD HERESIARCH: Capt. Nysa Avell (Geri Kittrell)

Special Abilities: Poisons, biology, manufacturing drugs and drug use on the body and mind.  

Personal Information:

Homeworld: Telos

Marital Status: Widowed
Spouse's Name:  Tate Magellan    (deceased)          Siblings: Older sister name of Melora.
Children:  None

Father's Name: Solan
Race:  Telosian
Homeworld:  Telos
Background: Scientist in chemical and plant warfare

Mother's Name: Luna
Race:  Telosian
Homeworld:  Telos
Background:  Medical doctor dealing with behavior patterns as well as drug research

Force Training: N/A  doesn't have any force ability.

Schooling:  Medical school University of Telos then finished her education at Xanthos Medical. Also home training with parents.  Received a dual doctorate in pharmacodynamics ( study of biochemical and physiological effects of drugs) and pharmacokinetic (study of drugs in the body)

Employment History:  

10 years working with Unify labs developing poisons and mutating plants.
8 years with Imperial Fleet working way up Intelligence.

Psychological Description:

IQ:  above average, has photographic memory

Temperament: : Ability to listen and win people's confidence and have them relax around her.  She knows plants and how to make use of them for healing and or poison.  Not a big talker, but joins in easily. Quiet and self-contained mixed in with people easily.  Some or her fellow officers would consider her standoffish at times, but she becomes very open and jolly when her job calls for it.

Fears:  fears failing in her duty to the Empire and the Emperor

Likes: Music and studying plants, learning about computers.

Dislikes: not knowing why her sister left and never kept in touch with her.

Pet Peeves: The Alliance and the way they want to destroy the Empire.

Goals in Life: To succeed in her career and to discover as many Alliance traitors as possible.  Also to find her sister and get some answers.

Favorite Color:  Black
Pastime: Botany, Reading, research and using computers.
Hobbies:  Hunting for Rebels and developing new poisons and using the Rebels they capture to test them on..
Food:, All kinds likes new experiences
Drink: Ale as well other types of liquor, fruit juices.

Personal History:

Enjoyed spending time with her sister Melora and helping her parents out with their work.  Was upset when sister left at the age of 16 to go to college, parents wouldn't tell her where she went after college.  Tried sending transmissions when Mira discovered Melora went into the military no answers  were ever received.

Continued with her education and graduated with high honors.  When to work for the Unify Corporation upon graduation and worked for them for 10 years, met her husband there and continued to work with him developing poisons and how certain drugs worked on the body of many species.  Also worked with plants and how to make them effective weapons, success in turning some into carnivorous plants.

Parents were killed in explosion during one of their experiments. Mira was devastated and  angry when Melora didn't show for the funeral or even send a transmission.

Husband, Tate was killed during an attack by the Alliance.  Mira was nearly killed herself, she did lose her unborn child in the attack.  After she recovered, Mira joined the Military and worked her way quickly into intelligence by gathering information on known sympathizers to the Alliance.  Earned her rank of Lt. and  can be found in local bars listening and hanging around mercenaries for any information she can glean from them.  She relays on her ability to use poison more than her skill in a weapon like a blaster.

Vows to makes the Alliance pay for the death of her husband and unborn child, and vows she'll find her sister and find out why she left.

After finding a shuttle floating in space and under her Captain's orders. Mira began to interrogate  the woman they found on board. And discovered after many frustrating hours that she was to be a gift to Emperor Palpatine.  Presented her at his throne room (media west 2001) and received a promotion to Captain for that action.  Before she left Port Lansing approached the Emperor to leave her rank as Commander.

OCC Information:   

Unless a persona discovers it, no one knows of her marriage or his miscarry.  She doesn't discuss personal information.


Forces of the Empire --- Persona Bio            Created: 2000, 26 October

Name: Lee Beckett

Physical Description:

Age: 45         Race: Human            Height: 5'8"      Weight: 175

Hair Color: Light Reddish Color                         Eye Color: Dark Brown

Other Distinguishing Marks:   Scar on right wrist

Current Status:  Civilian Elected government official - president of the Alliance  

Special Abilities: Diplomacy, Politics, security.

Personal Information:

Homeworld: Coruscant

Marital Status: Married
Siblings: N/A
Children: 1 son serves in the Imperial Navy, location unknown age 20.

Father's Name: Darryl Matthews
Race:  Human
Homeworld:  Coruscant
Background: Diplomat on the Imperial Senate before it was disbanded.

Mother's Name: Martha Matthews
Race:  Human
Homeworld:  Coruscant
Background:  Computer operations and computer security

Husband: Steven Beckett
Force Training: Light Side minimal training

Psychological Description:

IQ:  above average

Temperament: : People Oriented. Cares about justice and the rights of everyone even Imperials, and believes that they will all face justice one day.

Fears:  That the Alliance will become the next Empire if guided the wrong way or if the Jedi turn.

Likes: Walks in a garden, soft music, and being busy

Dislikes: The fact that her son is in the Empire and believes the lies they tell

Pet Peeves: Making the wrong decision

Goals in Life: To succeed in her career and to help the Alliance stay on track.

Favorite Color:  purple

Hobbies:  working with flowers and cooking

Personal History:

Been with the Alliance for 20 years working to help them grow strong in allies.  Served three years in the military.  Her husband has been missing for four years he disappeared on a mission. She still hopes that he son will come to his senses and desert the Imperial forces.
Was raised around diplomats and learned to serve the people and to listen to their concerns and voices.  Was taught to be just and fair but firm when the case calls for it.


Forces of the Empire --- Persona Bio            

Name:  Aella  Skott

Physical Description:

Age: 40            Race: Human            Height: 5'8"      Weight: 175

Hair Color: Dark Brown        Eye Color: Dark Brown

Other Distinguishing Marks:   None

Current Status: Captain in the Alliance department intelligence   supervisor: General Bronwyn

Special Abilities: Force healing, has a knack of decoding Imperial codes and improve computer security.

Personal Information:

Homeworld: Daan

Marital Status: Single
Siblings: N/A.

Father's Name: Ry'del
Race:  Human
Homeworld:  Daan
Background: Healer with herbs and the Force

Mother's Name: Jess
Race:  Human
Homeworld:  Daan
Background:  Computer decoder and computer security

Force Training: Light Side - Healing only

Psychological Description:

IQ:  above average, has photographic memory

Temperament: : Intense when working on a project, helpful and concerned about others.

Fears:  That the Empire will come back into total control and destroy the Alliance.

Likes: Music and studying plants, learning about computers.

Dislikes: People on power trips.

Pet Peeves: People on power trips and who follow orders blindly.

Goals in Life: To succeed in her career and to help the Alliance in any way she can

Favorite Color:  red

Hobbies:  Breaking Imperial codes and making the Alliance computers safe from any virus or hackers

Personal History:

Joined the Alliance knowing they need help to keep the fires of freedom going.  Has recently went through a trying time on finding family and friends dead on planet attacked by an unknown force...


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